• Point system to be applied to Open Division competitive grooming.  Points received from international sanctioned shows are recognized. For more information on points and having them added, please view below.

  • Canadian competitions: the show promoter is responsible for getting the Competition Placement Sheet to Groom Team Canada within 15 days after the show.  Competition Placement Sheet can be printed off of the website, filled out, and sent to info@groomteamcanada.ca

  • International (overseas) competitions: the competitor must present verification of participation specifically listing number of entries in class and number of total show entries. (Contact the Show Coordinator to confirm whether the show accumulates points for that countries team ahead of time).  This needs to be signed by one of the associates running the show.  When competing internationally, Groom Team Canada points will only be counted from sanctioned shows by that particular country.

  • Point coordinator will receive number of entries and classes from Groom Team USA to calculate points for American shows.   Groom Team coordinator records the number of points to be awarded, based on the results submitted and is responsible for posting to the Groom Team site.

  • Group placements are no longer eligible for points.  

  • Mixed Breed, Asian Fusion, Creative Styling and Rescue Rodeos are exempt from collecting points.

  • Best in Show and Best All Around no longer accumulate points effective 2017.

  • The Top Ten Competitors are announced each year.

  • Selecting the Travel Team

    1. The GroomTeam Canada World Travel Team will be comprised of the top point holders using the highest annual points from the two-year cycle. One representative will be determined from each of the four sanctioned classes.

    2. In the event of a tie, the groomer who defeats the most competitors in that class will prevail.

    3. If a tie still exists, the groomer with the highest number of class placements will prevail.

    4. If the Travel Team is still undecided by the annual year-end Board of Directors meeting the Board will convene for a final vote.

    The GroomTeam Canada World Travel Team alternate will be selected by the Board of Directors based on the individual’s ability to groom any of that year’s selected breeds.  Individuals being considered must have pointed in at least three of the four sanctioned classes.

    GroomTeam Canada requirements do not mandate that a Travel Team member be among the Top Ten point holders.

Policy agreed upon by Groom Team Board of Directors . February 2018