We would encourage you to send Groom Team your show application at the earliest possible date.

Click PDF to download.  If you are considering hosting a show please print and fill out application. E-mail to info@groomteamcanada.ca

Make sure application form is sent at least 5 months before the show date.

2019-2020 show app.pdf 2019-2020 show app.pdf
Size : 106.721 Kb
Type : pdf

Please click on PDF to download. Grievance form has been put into place for contestants that have an issue with the points at any particular show. If needed please print fill out form and send to info@groomteamcanada.ca within 7 days prior to show.

2019 2020 Grievance form.pdf 2019 2020 Grievance form.pdf
Size : 54.495 Kb
Type : pdf

Downloadable PDF form for Show Organizers.

Competition Placement Sheet.pdf Competition Placement Sheet.pdf
Size : 425.374 Kb
Type : pdf

Downloadable PDF with Code of Ethics

Code of Ethics.pdf Code of Ethics.pdf
Size : 70.719 Kb
Type : pdf

Downloadable PDF with Disciplinary Procedure

Disciplinary Procedur1.pdf Disciplinary Procedur1.pdf
Size : 81.934 Kb
Type : pdf

Downloadable PDF with GTC Bylaws

GTC Bylaws.pdf GTC Bylaws.pdf
Size : 65.745 Kb
Type : pdf

Downloadable PDF -Conflict of Interest Policy

2019-2020 Conflict of Interest.pdf 2019-2020 Conflict of Interest.pdf
Size : 120.293 Kb
Type : pdf