Top 10 Canadian Groomers for the 2019 Term

Nadia Bongelli - 1st Place (67 Points)

Nadia Bongelli is the head groomer at Doggieland North Toronto, with 10 years of professional grooming experience under her belt. Nadia began competing off and on between the end of 2012 and 2014, until she began to seriously compete in 2015. Since then she has been nominated for Barkleigh Honors “Up and Coming Groomer of the Year” in 2015 and 2016, which she won in 2016. She was Intergroom’s “Rising Star of the Year” in 2016 and soon after began competing in Canada and the USA at the open level. Since then she is the 2017 and 2018 “Canadian Groomer of the Year” by popular vote as well as Intergrooms “International Groomer of the Year” for 2017 and 2018. In 2019, Nadia won Best International Groomer at Superzoo in Las Vegas, and her first US Best In Show at the New England Grooming Show in 2019. Nadia found her passion for educating and speaking in 2017 and has since attended many events as a speaker and instructor and in hands on workshops in Canada and in the United States. Nadia will be travelling with Groom Team Canada to France in 2020 and is excited to represent her country with her team members and her cocker spaniels "Grayson" and "Meghan".

Jackie Boulton - 2nd Place (55 Points)

Jackie has been a pet stylist since 1986 where she started as a bather/brusher at a grooming salon in Calgary. Currently she is the co- owner of the very successful Mucky Pups with her sister Deb which they opened in 1996. In 1992 Jackie attended her first grooming contest, Intergroom, in New Jersey, since that time she has accumulated over 60 gold, silver and bronze medals in various breed classes and has won the title of Best International Groomer an unprecedented 8 times. In 2007 at Groom Expo Jackie was named the Winners Circle Champion bringing home the grand prize jackpot of $32,500. Jackie has also received the honour of five Cardinal Crystal Achievement awards for International Groomer of the Year. In 2011 and 2013 she won the $10,000 Groomer Super Jackpot class at Superzoo in Las Vegas. Jackie has received numerous Best in Show and Best All Around stylist titles as well as several Best Scissored Dog awards. In February 2015 she won her third consecutive Best in Show at Groom and Kennel Expo in California, and currently holds the record of nine covers on Groomer to Groomer magazine. In the competitive seasons of 2015-2016 and 2017-2018, Jackie ranked #1 overall in Groom Team Canada points. Jackie will be representing Team Canada at the 2020 at the World Grooming Championship.

Michelle Skinner - 3rd Place (31 Points)

Michelle’s love of dogs began at a very young age and her passion for grooming began in 2006. As she began her grooming career her focus has always been (and continues to be) the health of the dogs. Through grooming, she has been able to teach her clients the importance of a healthy coat. Currently, Michelle is the owner of a successful store front grooming salon; Hair of the Dog Grooming Salon Inc. She also operates a private, invite-only, salon from her home. As Michelle grew her business it offered many opportunities to connect with fellow groomers. Through these relationships, she was encouraged to enter the competition ring 7 years ago. She has been actively competing in Canada and USA and became a member of Groom Team Canada in 2015. Michelle enjoys the competitive side of grooming as it challenges her skills and knowledge, as the industry is always changing and progressing. Competing has also introduced Michelle to groomers around the world. These wonderful relationships also support Michelle in her efforts to advance her skills and share the passion of the grooming industry.

Michelle and her husband, Shaun, love and care for 6 adorable dogs. Stewart (Bichon) and Ayden (Mini Poodle) are her competition stars. Michelle is looking forward the 2020 competition season, her goals are to continue to advance in her skills and become as talented as her friend and grooming idol, Jackie Boulton.

Jovi Wagner - 4th Place (30Points)

Jovi is a second generation Groomer and has been professionally grooming for almost 20 years. She is the proud owner of one of the top grooming salons in Saskatchewan called Churchill Dog Groomers. She is also an integral part of Saskatchewan's Finest. Which hosts seminars to encourage further education for groomers.
Jovi has been competing for almost six years now. She has always said that every time she competes, she learns something new. And that is the most important part of competing for her. She also loves her grooming family, and all the wonderful people she has met in this industry. Jovi hopes to be able continue educating groomers by eventually speaking at more events.
When she isn't grooming, Jovi enjoys spending time with her loving and supportive husband, their Irish Wolfhounds and Welsh Terriers. She is quite the fitness fanatic as well, and also loves riding her Clydesdale.
Jovi is very excited to be representing Groom Team Canada and traveling to France in 2020 with the rest of her teammates. 

Chantel Hunt - 5th Place (29 Points)

In 2011, after working in the field of Biotechnology for twelve years, Chantel fell in love with a toy poodle named Maggie and her passion for dog grooming was revealed. She took a course on dog grooming at the local college and opened deTails Dog Grooming later that year. With more knowledge came an interest to compete, so she started down that path in 2014.

In 2017 Chantel completed her Master Groomer with NDGAA and then CPPS here in Canada. She also made the top 10 for Groom Team Canada the same year. Her goal is to make the Groom Team Canada travel team.

Chantel teaches dog grooming at St Lawrence College in Kingston, Ontario as part of the Vet Assistant program and also own and groom at deTails Dog Grooming in Mallorytown, Ontario.

Wynne Wong - 6th Place (29 Points)

Wynne Wong is the executive groomer and manages Fluffy' Spa since 2002. She strives to keep up her skills and knowledge by attending shows and seminars in U.S. and Canada throughout the years. She became an IPG Certified Master Groomer and CMG of Canadian Professional Pet Stylists in 2006. She is enthusiastic in sharing her grooming knowledge by training Fluffy’Spa groomers since 2006. In 2014, she established Fluffy Paws Grooming School and started training professional groomers.

She has been actively competing in USA and Canada for the last 3 years and won multiple gold, silver and bronze medals. Nominated for 2018 Canadian Groomer of the year and awarded Best All Around Groomer at Mastergroom Canada 2018. She enjoys competing and meeting fellow groomers from all around the world, exchanging knowledge and supporting each other are always in her focus.

She is honoured to be part of the Canadian Groom Team and is excited to support the growth in the Canadian grooming industry with her grooming family.

Allison Hardie - 7th Place (25 Points)


Kristina Melnik - 8th Place (18 Points)

Kristina began her grooming career in 2013. In 2014 she was hired at Mucky Pups to work along side Jackie Boulton. That same year she competed in her first competition in Tacoma, Washington where she placed second in the sporting division. She was then bit by the competition bug. Kristina has continued to compete and is excelling in all her classes. In 2015 she won novice Best in Show and Best All Around Groomer propelling her into the Open Division. Kristina excelled quickly in the open division by continually placing in poodles, wire coat, salon freestyle and all other purebreds. Kristina enjoys travelling and competing across North America . Kristina takes pride in her grooming in the ring, and loves taking what she learns and applying it on her everyday dogs at the salon. In the grooming world Kristina has made some life long friends and truly loves the community that comes along with competing. Kristina and her cocker spaniel, Sansi, continue to be the best friends and of course her toy poodle, Nautee is never too far behind. In 2018 she acquired Gidget her miniature schnauzer. Gidget has become acustomed to the hotel life as she takes on the important role of being her competition companion. Kristina is looking forward to the 2020 competition season.

Lisa Brak- 9th Place (11 Points)

Lisa has had a long time love and respect for animals. Having spent all of her youth being surrounded by pets and later owning and showing horses.

This segued into a lead surgical veterinary technician position with a mixed practice for close to 12 years. Often managing and assisting in small and large animal surgery on farm and in the clinic.

When relocating in the beautiful Northumberland Hills, Lisa took a contract with a College creating and teaching the curriculum for the Professional Animal Worker course.

In 2010 she launched Couture Dogs Grooming and Wellness Spa, a home based business. While growing a steady clientele Lisa raised 3 children without daycare exposing them to rural living, independent play and  nurturing their own love for animals. Once two of  these children were in school full-time Lisa was able to pursue and attend continuing education and certification opportunities within the grooming industry. This was also her introduction to grooming competitions. One competition in 2016 was all it took! First show of 2019 and as a brand new A level competitor she won a BIS with the beautiful English Springer Alicia. Lisa feels very at home in the competition ring with all of her accomplished friends and colleagues.

Yufei Hu - 10th Place (11 Points)

Yufei Hu has been working as a professional groomer since 2012 in Zoom Zoom Groom, which is the Top Grooming Salon in Regina, Saskatchewan. She attended her first competition with 3 years grooming experience, the Wild Rose Grooming Expo, in Calgary. Since then she has been obtained multiple gold, silver, and bronze medals in the last 4 years actively competing in Canada and the USA. In 2017, Yufei has been nominated and awarded for “Canadian Up and Coming Groomers of the Year”. In the same year, she was invited to be the guest speaker of Global Groomers- The dynasty collection. Yufei had two Best In Show experiences from the Mastergroom Canada - in 2016 for Novice class and 2019 for Open level. Yufei is proud to be a member of Groom Team Canada. She enjoys competing and meeting her grooming friends around the world, sharing knowledge and supporting each other.

This year's top 10 groomers were awarded a Certificate of Achievement by Groom Team Canada, as well as a Groom Team Canada grooming jacket donated by Lynn  Professionals.

Top 10 Canadian Groomers for the 2018 Term

Nadia Bongelli - 1st Place (68 Points)

Jackie Boulton - 2nd Place (57 Points)

Jovi Wagner - 3rd Place (29 Points)

Winnie Wong - 4th Place (26 Points)

Annie Williams - 5th Place (26 Points)

Michelle Skinner - 6th Place (22 Points)

Chantel Hunt - 7th Place (20 Points)

Allison Hardie - 8th Place (17 Points)

Lorna Phillips - 9th Place (12 Points)

Bri Crossen - 10th Place (9 Points)

Top 10 Canadian Groomers for the 2017 Term

Allison Hardie - 1st Place (54 Points)

Jackie Boulton - 2nd Place (44 Points)

Nadia Bongelli - Third Place (30 Points)

Michelle Skinner - 4th Place (24 Points)

Wynne Wong - 5th Place (19 Points)

Angela Menard - 6th Place (17 Points)

Lorna Phillips - 7th Place (15 Points)

Kristina Melnik - 8th Place (13 Points)

Jovi Wagner - 9th Place (12 Points)

Chantel Hunt - 10th Place (10 Points)

Top 8 Canadian Groomers for the 2015/2016 Term

Jackie Boulton -1st Place (107 Points Earned)

Lorna Phillips - 2nd Place (32 Points Earned)  

Stephen Kropf - 3rd Place (30 Points Earned)

Sammi Hill - 4th Place (28 Points Earned)

Tracy Spokes - 5th Place (19 Points Earned)  

Annie Williams - 6th Place (15 Points Earned) 

Jovi Wagner - 7th Place (12 Points Earned) 

Michelle Skinner - 8th Place (9 Points Earned)